"Les Alpilles"
Oil on Canvas
11” x 17”
Poppy field in Les Alpilles France

Dr. and Mrs. John Lawson of Silver City, New Mexico used to live in France and still remember the beautiful sight of a field of poppies in the springtime. They saw one of my small paintings of a poppy and asked if I would be interested in a commission...painting the poppy fields so they would always remember springtime in France while in their home in Silver City.

I have always loved doing commissions for people that admire my artwork. It often brings me back to my days in the advertising world. I interview the way I did for a client wanting a brochure or advertisement. Not quite the same, but really knowing what my customer wants is so important. The painting always starts with me sitting down with the client (by phone or in person). I dig in, look at their photos, ask questions, where will the painting be hanging? Why do you want this painting? How do you feel about the scene? And then I listen.

Time for me to have some fun. When I get to my studio all that stays in the back of my mind...and then I let the creative juices fly! I feel like I'm there in the poppy fields. My clients come to take a peek, they get tears in their eyes and say thank you. That's my gift.

Click here to read the PDF article from Peaks & Plains magazine April, 2008, "Deborah Hutchings, Art from Her Heart".